Alternate Course Offerings (Pay as go)

Introducing our “40 Hour CDL Refresher Course”

This course is designed to assist the existing CDL Class A driver refresh their skills to be able to enter the workforce in the trucking industy.

Topics to cover:

  • Log Book
  • Inspection
  • Hours of Service
  • Alley Docking
  • Left Backing
  • Double Clutching
  • Right Backing
  • 10 speed transmission
  • Uncouple & Couple

This course is Monday to Friday course 7:30am to 4:00pm for 1 week.
Courses start monthly.

Individual Classroom Training Sessions Offered:

  • 5 Hour Pre-Licensing Class
  • Step Van Training Class
  • Forklift Certification Class
  • Haz Mat Class
  • Log Book Class
  • Air Brake Adjustment Class
  • Map Reading Class
  • Metal Coils Class
  • Tow Truck Class
  • Entry Level Driver Class

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Individual Courses - Avocational/Non-Accredited

Courses are available for acquiring just a CDL License. These courses are not Accredited. They are geared to help you with just being able to pass a CDL Road Test. Please contact the school for details.

These courses are done by the private driving lesson.  Each lesson is 1.5 hours one on one with an instructor to prepare you to be able to pass a NYS Road Test.  Once you are ready for your road test then you are able to rent the vehicle for the actual road test day.

We have various lesson packages available.  We do this training for tractor trailer, truck and school buses.

Dump Truck Training - Avocational/Non-Accredited

Private Lessons 1 on 1.  7 Days a Week.  8 Speed Mack Transmission.  Book by appointment.