Commercial Driver Training, Inc. has several locations across the State of New York. Ever since our school was founded over 50 years ago, our organization has continued to evolve and expand, to cater to the ever-changing needs of drivers in the trucking industry.

Making our unparalleled expertise available to a wider market is our main motivation in opening other branches. This allows us to satisfy the state’s demand for highly-skilled and responsible drivers, both on the road and commercial facilities. The more our driving schools become available in a variety of locations, the more we can better serve more companies and individuals.

All our offices and learning centers are conveniently situated in close proximity to major highways around New York. We believe that we can make the learning experience of participants more fun and rewarding if our locations are easily accessible.

Each of our branches offers a comprehensive range of programs designed to help individuals reach the level of competence required in the trucking industry for their chosen career. Be it accredited or avocational courses, we aim to continue our tradition of excellence by offering valuable driving lessons to all sectors.

Come and visit our nearest location. Contact us today for inquiries.