Industry Vocational Classroom Courses

Our accredited courses are:

  • TRACTOR TRAILERS - Career Training I, Career Training II - Full & Part Time
  • TRUCK  - Straight Truck and Bus Combined, CDL B Career Course
  • BUS  -  Straight Truck and Bus Combined, CDL B Career Course

For the above accredited courses, we offer job placement assistance to help participants obtain a job quickly after graduation. We have an extensive network of local and long distance trucking and bus companies, to help our graduates find an employer that can properly use their service and provide opportunities for career growth.

Accreditation matters in most of the programs offered in the trucking industry, as these programs are designed to meet minimum entry level driver standards for trucking companies. While finishing an accredited course does not guarantee the student or participant to automatically obtain a license or land a job after graduation, it may aid or play a role toward achieving such goals.

For someone planning to undergo training classes for commercial driving, accredited courses provide the assurance that they will engage in continuous review and improvement in terms of quality; that they are accountable for accomplishing what they are expected to; and that they meet the nationally-set standards in the profession.

In essence, accreditation resonates the quality by which a school or an educational institution conducts its business. It speaks of professional quality and a sense of public trust, giving individuals planning to start a career as a commercial driver and enter the industry a competitive edge over others who graduated from non-accredited programs.

CDT is a reputable school specializing in accredited courses for tractor trailer, truck, and bus training.

Being in the business since 1961, we have earned a solid reputation as a provider of CDL training courses in the trucking industry. We strive hard to maintain our standing to carry on our tradition of providing quality commercial driver training.

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