Individualized Training Courses

A-Vocational Course(s) Disclosure:
A-Vocational Courses offered at CDT are not within the school's scope of Accredited programs. (ie: Minimum Training IV, Basic Training III, Basic Training IIIA, Intermediate Training II and Advanced Training I). These courses merely offer a secondary objective to obtain a CDL license with no school certificate or job placement assistance.

For those planning to get a tractor trailer, truck, or bus drivers license and enter the trucking industry, avocational courses are the right programs to take to just learn the basics to help prepare participants for the road test and obtain a license.

For those who already have a CDL driving position, the non-accredited courses are a great way to acquire or refresh practical skills, which may prove useful in the future. It is always good to keep skills fresh, as industry requirements are constantly being updated.

Although the avocational courses are not given as much weight as accredited programs in the industry, there is no denying that having professional avocational training can boost one’s market value.  In our experience, the avocational courses have been most popular for individuals already offered employment, or already employed in the field and just need to pass the CDL road test exam.

At CDT, we use our experience in delivering commercial driver instruction to help individuals become skilled, safe, and responsible tractor trailer, truck, or bus drivers.

CDT also provides avocational non-accredited programs for forklift, stick shift car and step vans. The programs are geared toward all skill levels. These programs were developed to assist individuals to acquire the skills needed to advance themselves in the industry or to allow them to fulfill personal enrichment goals.

Our avocational non-accredited instruction include:

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