Forklift Training

Maneuvering forklifts is easy and safe only if one has the right set of skills and experience. Learning to operate heavy machinery like this takes more than just reading the manual from cover to cover. Certification is necessary for many reasons: to comply with the law; to reduce the cases of workplace accidents and injuries; to save money on maintenance and repairs; and to cut down on insurance premiums. With the right certification training, forklift operators become more capable and reliable in the performance of their duties.

At Commercial Driver Training, Inc., our door is open to certifying professionals working with forklifts. We provide outstanding forklift training in New York and welcome participants across different lines of work. From forklift operators to plant managers, warehouse supervisors to distribution managers, our program is designed for anyone who may operate a lift Forklift at some point, and those in charge, so that they may learn the principles of safe forklift operation.

Ticket to be Certified

Our forklift training in New York is the key to certification. As holding only a license is never enough measurement of one’s competence in using a forklift, we are here to help participants acquire everything they need to know to maneuver lift trucks properly.

Nitty Gritty of Forklift Operation

Our program covers a comprehensive list of topics. Participants will learn the lift truck fundamentals, the principles involved in forklift operation, and safe load-handling techniques. Our course also discusses accident prevention, hazards documentation, and safety procedures.

More than Just Teaching

At CDT, our forklift training in New York rolls the essentials and practical knowledge into one. Our instructors know that teaching what is in the books only scratches the surface of true understanding. We are hands-on when it comes to giving participants first-hand experience in operating forklifts in preparation for the actual job.

Commercial Driver Training is the best place to go for forklift certification and re-certification. Contact us today for inquiries.